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1.5mm Twin Flat Cable With Earth 100m Roll Fuyou - Budget

R 650.00
SKU E1117

1.5mm Twin Flat Cable With Earth 100m Roll Fuyou - Budget

Please note that this is our budget range of cable, it has an aluminium core with copper plating covered with general purpose grade PVC and is SANS approved.

The 1.5mm Twin Flat Cable With Earth comes in a 100-meter roll, making it suitable for various wiring projects that require a longer cable length. The cable is designed to provide a safe and reliable electrical connection between devices and power sources.

The cable features two flat conductors, typically color-coded for easy identification of polarity, and an earth wire. The earth wire is responsible for grounding the electrical system, providing an additional layer of safety by redirecting excess electrical currents in case of a fault.

This cable is commonly used for fixed installations, such as lighting circuits, power outlets, and other electrical wiring applications that require a 1.5mm cable size.


  1. Twin Flat Cable: The cable consists of two flat conductors, allowing for the transmission of electrical currents.
  2. Earth Wire: The included earth wire provides grounding and enhances electrical safety.
  3. 100m Roll: The cable comes in a 100-meter roll, providing sufficient length for various wiring projects.
  4. Budget-Friendly: Designed as a cost-effective option for electrical wiring needs.


  • Cable Size: 1.5mm
  • Cable Type: Twin flat cable with earth wire
  • Roll Length: 100 meters
  • Usage: Suitable for fixed installations in residential, commercial, and industrial settings
  • Certification: Compliance with relevant electrical standards

If you require cabling with a complete copper core that is SABS approved please have a look at our premium cable by clicking on the link below

1.5mm Twin Flat With Earth Surfix cable Premium 100m Roll

NB :  For the wiring of plugs and sockets please consider using 2.5mm Cable