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R100 OFF orders over R1000. Automatic at Checkout
by Waco

100mm x 40 mm PVC Trunking 3m Length

SKU E523
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R 160.00
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Whether you need to organize cables in your home or set up a complex wiring system for your business, our 100 x 40 mm PVC Trunking is a reliable solution. It offers durability, easy installation, and a sleek design, making it an excellent choice for all your cable management needs.

Specifications & Features :

  1. Dimensions: The trunking has a width of 100 mm and a height of 40 mm, providing a suitable channel for routing multiple cables.

  2. Material: Crafted from high-quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), our trunking offers excellent durability and resistance to impact, corrosion, and UV rays.

  3. Smooth Design: The interior of the trunking features a smooth surface, ensuring easy installation and preventing damage to the cables during routing.

  4. Snap-on Cover: The trunking comes with a convenient snap-on cover that securely encloses the cables, protecting them from dust, moisture, and accidental damage. The cover can be easily removed for cable adjustments or additions.

  5. Versatile Application: Our PVC trunking is ideal for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It can be used in homes, offices, retail spaces, data centers, and more.

  6. Easy Installation: The trunking is designed for effortless installation, with pre-drilled mounting holes and a lightweight construction. It can be easily cut to desired lengths using standard tools.

Please note that this product does not qualify for standard shipping rates and is only available for in store collection. Should you still require the product to be shipped to you, you can request product dimensions and weight and book a collection via your preferred courier. Alternatively you contact us directly for a quote on shipping and make payment based on the amount provided- Alternatively they will be cut down into 1m lengths to accomodate courier restrictions.