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10W Tabletop LED Plant Grow Light HT-DTL10W

R 380.00
SKU L1811

Full Spectrum and Dimmable brightness: 3 light options (Red/Blue/ Blue & Red/) to meet photosynthesis needs of plants germination, bloom and fruit bearing at different stages and seasons. Whether indoor garden or commercial greenhouse, grow lights keep plants healthy and thriving. The light has a 360-degree flexible gooseneck made from high quality tubing to keep a fixed position. It is strong enough to hold the lamp up.


Input Voltage:5v USB / 2amp
Wave length: Red:620nm-625nm / Blue:460nm-465nm
Lighting range: 2-3 square meters
IP Rating : IP20
Life time: 50000h
Beam angle: 170 degrees


1) Seeding / Breeding/ Veg/ Flower/For all planting stages / Green Vegs / Flower Plant / Fruit Plant / Herbs / Medical etc.
2) Hydroponics / Horticulture / Indoor plants / Greenhouse Lighting / Pot Culture / Farm / Water Soluble Breeding / Pipeline Cultivation etc.
3) Exhibition / House Garden / Home / Commercial Crops / Project / Personal Growing etc..