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12-24V RGB DMX512 Decoder 9A PX24506

R 650.00
SKU E891

Introducing the 2-24V RGB DMX512 Decoder 9A PX24506 - the versatile device you need to take your LED lighting system to the next level. This decoder is designed to control RGB LED lights with voltage ranging from 2V to 24V, and supports DMX512 protocol, making it easy to integrate into your lighting setup. With a maximum output current of 9A and six output channels, this decoder is perfect for large-scale lighting projects. It also features adjustable dimming and color-changing functions, giving you complete control over your lighting display. With its compact size and built-in power supply, this decoder is easy to install and use. The 2-24V RGB DMX512 Decoder 9A PX24506 is the ideal tool for creating stunning lighting displays for events, stages, and other applications.


  • Supports DMX512 protocol, allowing for easy integration with lighting systems
  • Controls RGB LED lights with voltage ranging from 2V to 24V
  • Can handle up to 9A of current
  • Compact size for easy installation and use
  • Six output channels for flexible lighting control
  • Adjustable dimming and color-changing functions


  • Input voltage: 2-24V DC
  • Maximum output current: 9A
  • Maximum output power: 216W
  • Number of channels: 6