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12v 8mm COB LED Strip Light 6500k 5m Bing Light

R 345.00
SKU L3263

12v COB LED STRIP 6500k


This strip shines a soft, uniform light from end to end. It provides even light with no lighting dot making it more attractive to the human eye and gives off a steady light even in narrow spaces. These strips are much more flexible than other flexible strips because of the small size of the diodes and the uniform weight distribution. These diodes are so small and closely spaced that no point of the strip is the same. This extra flexibility will make it easier for them to fit into tight areas and turn corners in your application.


This makes COB flex strips ideal for applications where

  • The led strip itself cannot be hidden from view.

  • The surface being illuminated is within 2 feet of the light bar.

  • Reflective surfaces like granite/glass are all around.

  • Those applications where you want an excellent neon effect.


Product Specifications:

Voltage: DC 12v

Lumen: 100 - 130 LM/W

CRI: High Ra >80 / 90

Beam Angle: 180°

Pcb Width: 8mm Pcb

Cob Width: 4mm Cob Led

Wattage : 8w p/m

Color: 6500k (Cool White)

Roll Length : 5m

Cut Mark: Every 50mm

No LED lighting dot, even without aluminum profiles.



Application Ideas


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