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12V E27 5w Led Bulb 6000K

R 30.00
SKU L811

12V E27 5w Led Bulb 6000K Hello Today

The 12V E27 5W LED bulb with a color temperature of 6000K is a high-quality lighting solution that provides bright and efficient illumination. This LED bulb is designed to operate on a 12V DC power source, making it ideal for use in low-voltage lighting applications.

With a power output of 5 watts, this LED bulb provides ample brightness while also being energy efficient, making it a cost-effective lighting solution. The 6000K color temperature produces a cool white light that is ideal for workspaces, kitchens, and other areas where bright illumination is needed.

The E27 base is a common and widely used fitting, making this LED bulb compatible with a wide range of lighting fixtures. Additionally, the long lifespan of LED technology ensures that this bulb will provide reliable and long-lasting illumination for years to come.

  • Power: 5w
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Colour Tempreture: Cool White
  • Brightness: 320Lm