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2 Pole 40A Circuit Breaker Din Rail Raytric

R 120.00
SKU E1477

2 Pole 40A Circuit Breaker Din Rail Raytric - RDCB-63

This 2 Pole Circuit Breaker is great for safeguarding your electrical systems. With a maximum power rating of 400V, it ensures efficient protection against overloads and short circuits. Featuring an impressive ICU of 3kA, it can safely interrupt fault currents up to 3,000 amperes, preserving the integrity of your circuits, and an ICS rating of 2.25kA guarantees long-term performance, allowing repeated interruption of fault currents up to 2,250 amperes without maintenance. This circuit breaker is an essential component for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, providing peace of mind and reliable electrical protection in a compact package.


  • Max Power: 400V
  • ICU:              3kA
  • ICS:              2.25kA