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220v 1500w Led Rope Light Controller

R 275.00
SKU E713

Create amazing color effects with this deluxe chasing LED rope light controller. Select one of 10 pre-programmed chasing effects and then choose your desired speed level. Single color function allows you to use one color at a time making this our most versatile controller yet. It’s like having 3 separate rope lights all rolled into one.

For use with 220v RGB Rope light Controllers

Voltage: 110v ~ 220V
Frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz
Watt: 1500W
Max contollable length: :640ft

Function 1: Flashing 1
Function 2: Flashing 2
Function 3: Flashing 3
Function 4: Chasing
Function 5: Star like flashing
Function 6: Fading
Function 7: 7 colors quick jumping changing
Function 8: 3 colors slow changing
Function 9: 7 colors slow changing
Function 10: Continuously run through functions from Speed Dial 1 through 9


Package Includes:

1 x 220v 1500w Led Rope Light Controller