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220v Motion Sensor Dome Indoor With Day/Night Sensor

220v Motion Sensor Dome Indoor With Day/Night Sensor


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220v Motion Sensor Dome Indoor With Day/Night Sensor

The 220V Motion Sensor Dome Indoor is a reliable and effective solution for enhancing the security of indoor spaces. This motion sensor detects movement within its coverage area and activates connected devices or systems accordingly.

The dome-shaped design of the motion sensor allows for a wide coverage angle, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of the area. It is typically installed on ceilings or walls, providing a discreet and unobtrusive presence.

When motion is detected, the sensor sends a signal to the connected devices or systems, such as lighting fixtures or alarms, triggering the desired response. This not only enhances security but also offers convenience and energy efficiency by automating the operation of lights or other electrical devices.

The 220V voltage rating makes this motion sensor suitable for use in areas with a compatible electrical system. However, please ensure that the sensor is installed and connected by a qualified electrician to ensure proper installation and safe operation.


  1. Motion Detection: The motion sensor is equipped with advanced technology to detect movement within its coverage area, providing reliable and accurate detection of intruders or occupants.

  2. Wide Coverage Angle: The dome-shaped design allows for a wide coverage angle, maximizing the monitoring range and ensuring comprehensive detection of motion.

  3. Automation and Energy Efficiency: By connecting the sensor to lighting fixtures or other electrical devices, it enables automation, turning on lights or triggering other devices only when motion is detected. This promotes energy efficiency and convenience.

  4. Indoor Use: The motion sensor is specifically designed for indoor use, making it suitable for residential, commercial, or other indoor environments where security and automation are desired.

  5. Voltage Compatibility: The sensor operates at a voltage of 220V, ensuring compatibility with electrical systems that support this voltage rating.

  6. Day/Night Sensor: Operates when no light is detected to switch on and switch off after a 40-60 seconds. (Day/Night Sensor can be removed by opening the casing and snipping it off the board, but in doing so voids warranty)


  • Type: Indoor motion sensor
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Detection Method: Passive infrared (PIR) technology
  • Installation: Ceiling or wall-mounted
  • Usage: Indoor use only
  • Certification: CE and RoHS compliant (subject to manufacturer's certification)