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24V 8mm Digital Neon LED Rope Light RGB 1m Bing Light

24V 8mm Digital Neon LED Rope Light RGB 1m Bing Light


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24V 8mm Digital Neon LED Rope Light RGB 1m Bing Light

Digital LED strip lighting is fast becoming one of the greastest features in signage and lighting design. Renowned for its flexibility, these Neon strips easily wrap around or fit into most spaces, enabling creative applications like accentuating architectural features or creating dynamic lighting effects. Their customizable colors, programmable controllers, and smart integration capabilities allow users to tailor lighting to specific moods and activities, making them a versatile choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, the energy efficiency of LEDs, coupled with the longevity of digital strips, provides a cost-effective and sustainable lighting solution. Put simply, digital neon strip lighting combines aesthetic appeal, functionality, and efficiency, offering new ways to implement and customize illumination for various environments.

Specifications/ Product Features:

  • Light Source: LED
  • Input Voltage(V):24V
  • Dimensions: W – 8mm x H – 12mm
  • Light Colour: Digital RGB
  • Body Material: PVC
  • IP Rating: IP65 (Not guaranteed if ends are not properly sealed)
  • Cutting mark: every 2.5cm
  • Jacket: milky white Jacket
  • Usage: building outlining, roof, edge , billboard, letters, signboard etc