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30W 12V LED Flood Light 6000K IP66 TB5017

30W 12V LED Flood Light 6000K IP66 TB5017


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30W 12V Portable LED Flood Light 6000K IP66 TB5017

The 30W 12V LED Floodlight is a versatile lighting solution. With the included crocodile clips, it is designed to effortlessly connect and be powered by a 12V power source, such as a car and bike battery, gate motor battery or solar system, this floodlight is perfect for various applications. Whether you're camping, hosting outdoor events, or facing an emergency situation, this floodlight delivers reliable and uninterrupted lighting. With its wide 120-degree beam angle, it provides extensive coverage, effectively lighting up your surroundings. The floodlight's 6000K color temperature and IP66 rating ensure crisp, bright light while withstanding tough weather conditions. It emits an impressive 2400 lumens of brightness, ensuring excellent visibility in larger areas. With minimal power consumption, this floodlight is an energy-efficient choice, saving you energy and reducing your environmental impact.  Whether you're off-grid or in a remote area, you can enjoy bright and sustainable lighting by connecting this floodlight to your solar panel and battery setup.

*Please note that this flood light operates on 12V power and requires a battery or a compatible power supply for proper functioning. Create a well-defined lighting atmosphere while enjoying exceptional durability and energy efficiency with this versatile LED flood light.


  • Input: 12V DC 50-60Hz 3A
  • Power Factor: >0.6
  • Wattage: 30W
  • Color Temperature: 6000K (cool white)
  • Lumens: 2400 lumens
  • Beam Angle: 120 degrees
  • IP Rating: IP66 (waterproof and dustproof)
  • Power Requirement: Requires a separate battery or compatible power supply
  • Suitable for: Outdoor use in challenging weather conditions

Crocodile Clips included