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E27 5w Led Bulb 6500k Bing Light

R 15.00
SKU L1661

With electricity on the increase and environmental concerns a real factor the current inefficient Incandescent and Mercury-filled CFL bulbs on offer are not providing any solutions to these problems. These LED light bulbs are for both home and business. LED Light bulbs use a fraction of the electricity and contain no hazardous substances! They come in Edison Screw (E27) fittings allowing for quick and direct replacements. There is no need to dispose of them in any particular way as they are not hazardous and they can cut your lighting costs by 85%! LED Light bulbs will operate up to 35 times longer than regular bulbs in a clean and efficient manner! Making the change to LED bulbs will not only save you lots of money but you will also be part of the solution to our growing environmental concerns!


  • Bulb Base: E27 (Edison Screw)
  • Light Colour: Cool White (6000K)
  • Lens Colour: Opaque
  • Voltage: 165-265V (AC)
  • Wattage: 5W
  • Lumens: 450LM
  • Beam Angle: 270 Degrees
  • Brand: Bing Light

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