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H4 12v 4300k Super White Xenon Bulb 2 Pack

H4 12v 4300k Super White Xenon Bulb 2 Pack


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H4 12v 4300k Super White Xenon Bulb 2 Pack

The H4 12V 4300K Super White Xenon Bulb 2 Pack is a set of two automotive headlight bulbs designed to provide a super white light output with a color temperature of 4300 Kelvin. These bulbs are compatible with vehicles that use H4 dual-beam bulb type for both low beam and high beam functions. They are an ideal choice for drivers who desire improved visibility and a modern look for their headlights.


  • Bulb Type: H4
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Color Temperature: 4300 Kelvin
  • Light Color: Super white with a hint of yellow
  • Quantity: 2 bulbs per pack


  1. Super White Light: The 4300K color temperature produces a super white light that enhances visibility on the road, providing a clearer and brighter illumination compared to standard halogen bulbs.

  2. Xenon Technology: These bulbs incorporate Xenon gas to generate a brighter and whiter light output, improving overall visibility and safety while driving at night or in adverse weather conditions.

  3. Dual-Beam Function: Designed to be compatible with H4 dual-beam bulb systems, these bulbs serve as both low beam and high beam headlights, offering versatility for different driving situations.

  4. Easy Installation: The H4 12V 4300K Super White Xenon Bulbs are designed as direct replacements for standard halogen bulbs. They can be installed in the existing headlight sockets without any modifications or additional wiring required.