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Led Ring Light With Tripod Stand 30cm

R 350.00
SKU L2668

Introducing our versatile LED Tripod Ring Light - the perfect lighting solution for all your photography, videography, and live streaming needs.
With its sleek design and advanced features, this 30cm ring light will transform your content creation experience like never before.

Illuminate your subjects flawlessly with the 30cm diameter LED ring that provides a soft and even light source. Whether you're shooting professional portraits, makeup tutorials, or product photography, this ring light will ensure that every detail is beautifully captured and perfectly lit.

Dimmer Switch- You have complete control over the brightness level, enabling you to create the ideal lighting ambiance for any situation


Ring Diameter: 30cm (12 inches)
Tripod Stand Height: 2.2 meters (7.2 feet)
Dimmable: Yes
Color Temperature: Tricolor (Cool White, Natural Light, Warm White)
Bulb Type: LED
Control: Built-in dimmer switch and color switch
Power Source: USB
Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient LED bulbs
Compatibility: Suitable for photography, videography, live streaming, and more