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Dr Light

220v Motion Sensor Radiation Dr Light

220v Motion Sensor Radiation Dr Light


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1. Fully automatic induction: the switch will automatically light up when it reaches a certain sound decibel, and automatically turn off after a certain time delay. Energy saving and energy saving

2. Automatic delay: Once the switch is turned on, if the sound stops, the time before the last stop is used as a reference point to start the delay (the delay time is the time set by the switch through resistance adjustment. The time is 30 seconds and 60 seconds

3. It can load energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc.

4. High sensitivity and high reliability, achieving smart home, safe and energy saving, durable.

5. Automatic measurement: apply photosensitive control, no agitation during the day or under strong light, and can be photosensitive at night or under weak light



Input Voltage: AC85-265V

Power Load: LED<100W

Inductance: 4-8 meters


wiring method:

The plastic shell is printed with L”, “N” input, the red wire and black wire are connected respectively to the live and neutral wire of the family, and the plastic shell is printed with “L1”, “N” the output is white wire and white wire They are directly connected to the driving power supply of the LED light.


Scope of application:

Applicable to: garages, corridors, corridors, entrances and exits, toilets, elevator rooms and other public places in hotels, hotels, offices, factory warehouses, residential communities, etc., lighting support. This switch can only load incandescent lamps (LEDs) and energy-saving lamps.