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Non Contact Infrared Thermometer For Industrial Use FC8380C Cheerman

R 850.00
SKU G318

This Non Contact Infrared Handheld Forehead Thermometer uses infrared technology for No-contact and hygienic temperature measurement by measuring the thermal radiation that a person or an object emits, This means that temperatures can be measured at a distance, without having to be in direct contact with the person or object. This is not only ideal for measuring the temperature of difficult to reach areas, but also means that accurate measurements can be taken during movement in controlled atmospheres.

- Multi-function body mode and object mode
- Non-Contact and with high accuracy of measurement
- Selectable Fahrenheit (F degrees) and Celsius (C degrees)
- Get Sound Notification on high body temperature
- Auto-selection of the range function
- Backlight LCD
- Low Battery Notification
- Provides accurate readouts in less than a second

- Display Resolution:0.1°C (0.1°F)
- Operating Temp:16 to 35°C (60.8 – 95°F)
- Temperature Rate: 85°C
- Power:9V Battery NOT INCLUDED
- Measurement Range:32-42°C (89.6 – 109.3°C)
- Measuring Distance:3-5cm

Care instructions:
- Keep the device away from water and heat, including direct sunlight, and electric shocks
- Please make sure to remove the sweat and hair on the forehead before the measurement

Package Includes:

-1 x Non Contact Infrared Thermometer FC8380C Cheerman