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Nova Gate Remote 1 Button Centurion

R 180.00
SKU G356

The CENTURION NOVA Long Range Remote is an award-winning, ultra-secure code-hopping remote control with 1 button. The Centurion Systems Nova Gate Remote revolutionizes the security of fixed-coded remote systems by introducing advanced code-hopping technology. Unlike traditional dipswitch-based systems, which are easily copied or cloned due to their limited code options, the Nova remote controls offer unparalleled security along with convenience.

With code-hopping technology, each transmission from the Nova remote generates a unique and randomly different code compared to the previous one. This sophisticated feature effectively prevents unauthorized copying of the remote signal and cloning attempts. By implementing code-hopping, Centurion ensures that the Nova remote controls provide a level of security equivalent to the industry-leading automobile manufacturers' systems used for immobilizing vehicle alarms and activating door locks.