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Philips LongLife Zinc Battery 9V - 1 Pack

Philips LongLife Zinc Battery 9V - 1 Pack


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Philips LongLife Zinc Battery 9V 6F22
Experience reliable and long-lasting power for your electronic devices with the Philips 9V longlife batery . With its trusted performance and convenient 1-pack packaging, this battery provides the power you need for your devices, ensuring reliable operation whenever you need it.
Additional Info :


  • Battery Type: 9V (also known as 6LR61, 6F22, or PP3)
  • Voltage: The battery provides a consistent 9V output, suitable for a wide range of devices.
  • Pack Size: The battery is available in a convenient 1-pack, providing a single unit for immediate use or replacement.


  1. Long-lasting Performance: The Philips LongLife Zinc 9V Battery is engineered to deliver reliable power for your devices over an extended period.
  2. Versatile Compatibility: This battery is compatible with a variety of devices that require a 9V battery, including smoke detectors, wireless microphones, toys, portable radios, and more.
  3. Dependable Power: With a steady 9V voltage output, this battery ensures consistent performance and reliable operation of your devices.

Additional Information :

- Zinc-Chloride technology is perfect for clocks. radios. calculators and remote controls.
- High quality Zinc-Chloride technology ensures long battery life when used in low energy consuming devices.
- Philips LongLife batteries are guaranteed to be free from harmful heavy metals such as Cadmium
- and Mercury.
- Batteries remain fresh for use for up to 3 years.
- LifeLong batteries are guaranteed to retain at least 80% of its initial energy before its best before date